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We take care of the recruitment and direct search process from start to finish according to the client's preferences. Our areas of expertise include technical industries and sales, administrative, and middle managenement positions.

We utilize certified MPA personal assessments along with ACE aptitude tests to analyse working and interpersonal style and measure problem-solving skills. We also conduct customized simulation testing tailored to specific job requirements. Additionally, we offer job search coaching and separate testing services.

The pricing for recruitment work can be in an in-house model starting from 1700€ + VAT per month, or price per recruitment, starting from 2 x the candidate's monthly salary + VAT. Prices for personnel assessments range from 275€ to 1300€ + VAT depending on the candidate's role, assessment tools, and the number of individuals being tested.

Tailor-made recruitment service



One of the key factors for a successful organization is the selection of the right people for the right positions. At HRWU, we understand this challenge and aim to support managers in this process.

We have a strong background in recruitment and personnel assessments. We utilize a wide range of assessment methods to ensure that candidates meet the required qualifications and complement the team. In addition to interviews, we can employ psychometric assessments, aptitude tests, and other evaluation techniques. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's skills, potential, and suitability for the organization.

We strive to make decisions based on factual information and objective evaluation. Reference checks and background screenings are integral parts of our process to ensure the competence and reliability of candidates.

We aspire to be your long-term partner in your personnel selection needs. Our aim is to support your company's growth by providing continuous support and guidance to enhance your recruitment processes.

Contact us today and let us assist you in making informed decisions that contribute to the success of your organization.

We support predecessors in important personnel selections

Dozens of happy customers, hundreds of successful recruitments and headhunting assignments

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