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Dozens of happy customers, hundreds of successful recruitments and headhunting assignments.

Kai Kallio

"In addition to several successful recruitments, HRWU has also promoted our company's collaboration with educational institutions. The goal of this collaboration is to enhance YTM's reputation as an employer and to reach future talent. It's always a pleasure to interact with HRWU's cheerful and enthusiastic team, and the collaboration runs smoothly."


VP, YTM-Industrial

Kuopio Energy
Law & Water
Stanley Security
Combi Works
Nurminen Logistics
Skill arc


"We chose HRWU because we needed a flexible and dedicated partner to take our HR matters forward. The HRWU team has successfully developed our onboarding processes and guidelines with a systematic and productive approach. They have also supported our employees in matters related to the employment lifecycle and brought fresh new ideas to enhance the well-being of our organization, such as a collective exercise challenge."


COO, Alupro

Juhani Sopanen

"We have utilized HRWU's direct search services within the companies of our corporate group. HRWU has found us excellent sales and product management professionals. The team at HRWU is a pleasant collaborator, and they treat applicants with respect. This is important to us as a company because we want to take good care of our employer brand."


SVP People & Sustainability, Boreo

Maria Katara

"HRWU has been a great and reliable partner for us for the past six years. Our company has gone through many different times, and together we have managed to solve various situations. We have also made several successful recruitments together. I warmly recommend HRWU's team, who puts effort to make people feel appreciated, to small businesses that do not have their own HR department. HR matters can be burdensome for the company's management, and HRWU has been a trustworthy partner to discuss issues with."


CEO, EL-Parts

Antti Öystilä
NDG Invest Oy

"HRWU has successfully carried out recruitments for the companies I represent, and they have always done an excellent job. I have had the opportunity to get to know all the team members, and they are all pleasant and skilled individuals. Nowadays, I feel comfortable reaching out to the company whenever I encounter recruitment or HR challenges. I have recommended and will continue to recommend HRWU to other entrepreneurs in my network."


Chairman of the Board, NGD Invest Oy

“My predecessor, our founder Martti Laaksonen, began using HRWU's services because he wanted to take even better care of the employees in his company. The collaboration went well, and since Martti retired, we have continued working together. We have faced various situations together, from recruitments to change negotiations. We have conducted personnel development using EASI profiles and group coaching, as well as organized numerous physical activity campaigns for the staff. We also created a plan for developing the work community, which now guides our future planning while supporting employee well-being. I have been in contact with all members of the HRWU team. Each of them has their own strengths, and they work very well as a team."


CEO, H&H Tuonti

Juuso Räsänen

"We ordered the recruitment/direct search of an accountant from HRWU, which was completed successfully on a fast schedule. We found a person who fits the team and our development plans. Cooperation with HRWU is flexible and I highly recommend it."


CEO, Taitokaari

Jani Koivuniemi

"HRWU has been conducting personnel assessments for us since 2017. We have been satisfied with their services and the results of the assessments. The collaboration has always been flexible and enjoyable. I can warmly recommend this company."


HR & Occupation Health and Safety Manager, Kuopion Energia

The fairy tale Nurminen

"I have cooperated with HRWU for quite some time now. Our company rarely needs recruitments as our employees tend to stay with us for a long time. However, whenever the need arises to search for new individuals over the years, I have reached out to HRWU, and they have handled the process exceptionally well every time. I can wholeheartedly recommend them as executive search and recruitment partners. One particular strength I would like to highlight is HRWU's ability to understand our needs in terms of the profile of the candidate we are seeking. We have also conducted our most recent employee survey with HRWU, and we plan to engage them for our next survey as well."


Country Manager, voestalpine High Performance Metals

Jarkko Inkeroinen

"HRWU has helped us with various tasks, including implementing the onboarding and training process as well as supporting managerial work. I have been satisfied with the progress, and HRWU has always been there to provide reminders whenever needed."


CEO, Combi Works

Edward Blomstedt
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