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Outsourced HR has freed up time for the CEO to focus on tasks that only he can handle. "This is a very cost-effective arrangement."

Technical wholesaler H&H Tuonti has been utilizing an outsourced HR service for six years. When personnel matters and recruitments are handled smoothly and professionally, the company's CEO can concentrate on other vital issues.

Construction in Finland has slowed down. Juuso Räsänen, the CEO of H&H Oy, a technical wholesaler that sells professional electric and battery tools, fasteners, fastening accessories, and air purifiers, recently contemplated how to boost morale among his employees.

"I recalled reading about companies allowing employees to exercise during working hours. I immediately saw the potential for our situation, so I discussed it with Reija Laurell, who oversees HR matters at our company. Now, we are about to initiate a three-month trial, where employees can engage in morning exercises a couple of times a week," Räsänen explains.

A fitness corner is under construction at the company's office in Espoo. Employees can also visit the gym or swimming hall before starting work. The objective of the experiment is to provide employees with more energy for the day and enhance their overall quality of life, ultimately benefiting the entire company, not just individuals.

"Whenever I'm dealing with personnel-related issues, I consult with Reija. Sometimes it involves legal matters related to employment relations, and sometimes it's more complex issues that I can't discuss with the staff. It's crucial for me to have a reliable sounding board rather than being left alone with my thoughts," Räsänen says.

Successful recruitment is key to success

H&H Tuonti, an independently operating company with twenty employees, is part of the Swedish Bergman & Beving Ab group, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Juuso Räsänen has been with the company for almost 25 years, serving as CEO for nearly four years.

Reija Laurell's HR with You company has been H&H Tuonti's HR partner since 2018. Recruiting new employees is a critical aspect of their collaboration.

"In a small company like ours, each employee plays a significant role. Therefore, we cannot afford to rush the hiring process, which is why Reija manages all our recruitment," Räsänen notes.

During the recruitment process, Räsänen informs Laurell about the type of person needed for the company. Subsequently, she presents the most suitable candidates for him to choose from for interviews.

"Reija understands our employees and our culture, so she knows what kind of personalities fit well with us. We prefer a hybrid search approach in recruitment, where in addition to posting job advertisements, Reija's team conducts direct searches. Interviewing applicants and communicating with them takes time. We also strive to maintain a good reputation and treat everyone in a friendly manner. Hence, I save a considerable amount of time by receiving only the best applicants," Räsänen explains.


Laurell has been involved in recruiting ten new employees to the company in recent years. For instance, during the CEO change in the fall of 2020, the company experienced significant expertise loss.

"We've successfully filled those gaps with Reija's assistance, each time finding an exact match. Effective recruitment ensures the company's continued development and boosts morale among the staff," Räsänen acknowledges.

Statutory plans for personnel - check!

In addition to managing recruitments and providing support to the CEO, Reija Laurell from HR with you handles H&H Tuonti's personnel matters extensively. When their collaboration began six years ago, Laurell spent considerable time on-site at the company, familiarizing herself with its people and culture.

Since then, Laurell has facilitated events such as supervisor training and shared the sales expertise of Räsänen, who previously served as the sales director, with the staff.

Laurell also oversees H&H Tuonti's statutory personnel matters, which include creating a development plan for the work community and assessing the personnel's skills. In the recently drafted work community development plan, Laurell collaborated with a smaller team of employees to determine concrete steps for the company's future.

Competency mapping was conducted for all company personnel, identifying individual competency development needs. This could involve further education for some employees and peer learning for others.

"If I had to handle these statutory matters alone, it would be quite burdensome. Hence, it's convenient to have Reija manage them. I can be assured that the matters are addressed thoroughly and with the staff's best interests in mind," Räsänen says.

Social responsibility at the forefront

The CEO frequently emphasizes "the best of the employees" in his speeches. This underscores his recognition of how a company's strength relies on its personnel and how growth is impossible without skilled employees.

"Therefore, all matters related to personnel and employee well-being are given high priority in our company. We handle personnel issues in accordance with laws and regulations, placing significant emphasis on social responsibility," Räsänen emphasizes.

Sofia Sund, the product and marketing manager at H&H Tuonti, has been with the company for 3.5 years.

"We have a close-knit, low-hierarchical organization where I can engage in diverse tasks and be myself. Despite living in Turku, I try to visit our Espoo office a couple of times a week. I enjoy being around our fantastic team and the positive atmosphere we have," Sund shares.

She's not the only one enjoying the company. The eNPS score, reflecting employee satisfaction, currently stands at 68 for H&H Tuonti, an excellent rating on the scale of -100 to 100.

The goal is the atmosphere and warmth of a family business

Over the six years of collaboration, Reija Laurell has gained extensive insight into the company's operations. Her services were engaged by the former owner and CEO of H&H Tuonti, Martti Laaksonen, who founded the company in the early '90s.

"He aimed to maintain a family-like atmosphere in the business, despite selling his life's work to a Swedish listed company. That's the ethos we've strived to maintain," Laurell states.

Effective management of personnel matters is crucial, as everyone feels the impact of employee well-being.

"My primary responsibility is to support the CEO of H&H Tuonti, enabling him to excel in his role. By freeing up his time, I allow him to focus on strategic decisions and the bigger picture. Employee well-being directly influences the company's success," Laurell asserts.

Räsänen recommends outsourced HR services, particularly to companies considering hiring their first personnel manager. It's a cost-effective solution that offers flexibility.

"This arrangement works well for growth-oriented companies investing in their personnel. Sometimes, we require more assistance; other times, less. Reija is adaptable and always ready to provide support," Räsänen praises.

Continuous service ensures that tasks are handled efficiently and professionally.

"Having Reija as an external consultant brings advantages. She works with various clients and isn't involved in our day-to-day operations, providing us with fresh insights. She's not afraid to challenge me, which is vital for progress. Stagnation occurs when everything remains the same," Räsänen concludes.

Ultimately, the most valuable aspect of using the service is the time it saves Räsänen.

"In my role, especially during challenging times like these, it's crucial to focus on company development and daily operations. By entrusting HR matters to Reija, I gain peace of mind and time for other priorities. Additionally, the team trusts and appreciates Reija's contributions," Räsänen concludes.

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